Hi there. My name is Marcia. I live in a tiny place called Seattle. Maybe you've heard of it? If you haven't noticed by looking at my page I'm a huge, huge, HUGE Criminal Minds fan. You might say it's an addiction of mine. Oh and then there's the fact that I'm in love with Thomas Gibson and his character Aaron Hotchner. I'm totally obsessed with Johnny Depp. So you'll see a lot of him here also. I have many other obsessions. My television shows that I'm addicted to are Criminal Minds, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Once Upon A Time, Park Avenue 666, and Major Crimes. And last but not least I absolutely am crazy for Sex and the City. And I almost forgot, but there's General Hospital too. I'm really into it, watched it forever. I have lots others I enjoy also like C.S.I. Miami, N.C.I.S., Desperate Housewives, The Closer, House, White Collar, Burn Notice. I love The X Files. It never should have ended. That makes me sad as hell. But I s'pose all good things must end. And of course there's always DVD's. Ok so I'm a TV junkie. But I'd give it all up if I had to pick just one. And that one would be Criminal Minds!!! I also love movies. A few of my favorites are...The Silence of the Lambs, Twisted, Taking Lives, Seven. So I guess you can tell I have a sick fascination with serial killers. I think it has to do with the psychology behind them, and getting into their heads. Am I crazy? Sometimes I'll post something really random. Isn't that what life should be? Random? So many addictions, so little time... ;*)


Ah. A heading. Set sail in… a general… that way direction.

Ah. A heading. Set sail in… a general… that way direction.

the princess + the criminalc

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Just remember…you’re the one thing I can’t get enough of…



Frog saves rat from drowning as tiny creature hitches a ride across pond

The frog appeared at the rat’s side as it clung to some debris in the middle of a small pond on the outskirts of north Indian city Lucknow

Photographer Azam Husain

Omg this is so precious, look at the last photo your.. your paw is in my eye man

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What happened to that precious little girl that I found trembling in the snow? I’ll always love her.

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